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English as a Foreign Language in a New-Found Post-Pandemic World
The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed a new era in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learning and teaching by shifting EFL education from the face-to-face learning paradigm to the online and distance learning paradigm.
Digital-Age Teaching for English Learners: A Guide to Equitable Learning for All Students
Bridge the Digital Divide with Research-Informed Technology Models Since the first edition of this bestselling resource many schools are still striving to close the digital divide and bridge the opportunity gap for historically marginalized students, including English learners.
Assessing Change in English Second Language Writing Performance
This book introduces a new framework for analyzing second language (L2) learners’written texts. The authors conducted a major study on changes and differences in English L2 learners’writing performance to advance understanding of the nature of L2 writing development over time.
Event Studies: Theory and Management for Planned Events
Fully updated and revised in its fifth edition, Event Studies remains the most comprehensive book devoted to developing knowledge and theory about event management and event tourism, focusing on the study of events, the event experience, and meanings associated with them.
Attitudes to English Study Among Japanese, Chinese and Korean Women: Motivations, Expectations and Identity
This edited book comprises chapters integrated around a central theme on college-educated Japanese, Korean, and Chinese women’s orientation to English study. The collection is composed of two parts: (1) East Asian women’s motivation to study in the West and (2) East Asian women’s dream to use English as a career.
Otaku and the Struggle for Imagination in Japan
From computer games to figurines and maid cafes, men called “otaku” develop intense fan relationships with “cute girl” characters from manga, anime, and related media and material in contemporary Japan.
English Pronunciation Instruction: Research-based insights
English Pronunciation Instruction: Research-based insights presents recent research on L2 English pronunciation including pedagogical implications and applications, and seeks to bridge the gulf between pronunciation research and teaching practice.
Co-Planning: Five Essential Practices to Integrate Curriculum and Instruction for English Learners
Pool your collective wisdom in support of your English learners! English Learners (ELs) and multilingual learners (MLs) have double the work of their English-speaking peers as they are required to master language and content simultaneously.
Marketing 6. 0: The Future Is Immersive
Rediscover the fundamentals of marketing along with the rise of metamarketing from the best in the business In Marketing 6.0, the celebrated promoter of the “Four P’s of Marketing,” Philip Kotler, explains how marketers can use technology to address customers’needs and make a difference in the world.
English L2 Vocabulary Learning and Teaching: Concepts, Principles, and Pedagogy
Accessible to experts and non-experts alike, this text is a comprehensive entry to teaching and learning vocabulary in ESL and EFL contexts. Firmly grounded in research, it presents frameworks and methods for teaching vocabulary to English L2 speakers.
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